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We have been in the Building Industry for 35 years creating everything from tract homes, custom homes to large commercial buildings. We have worked with hundreds of clients, architects, engineers and City officials over the years. We want to bring all this experience together with our proven process and methods we use in our current custom home business to the Tiny Home building process.


When you decide to have PCB build your Tiny Home you have options!


Choose one of our plans and pick the options to suit your needs.

We currently have two floor plans to choose from each in different length options. We also have different roof designs and siding elevation. On the interior there are options for 1 or 2 lofts and upgrades in the interior finishes and appliances. We have made these very desirable plans ready to build without the additional planning and design.


Select one of our plans and make custom changes to make it yours.

We can assist you in making alterations to our stock plans to make it suit your specific needs. Depending on your requirements, location of home, hobbies etc… we work hand in hand to modify the existing plans. Maybe you want to have the 6’-0” stair/storage instead of a stair ladder or install a large glass sliding door to enjoy more of the outdoors. All things are possible. Additional design time will be needed to make the changes.


Lets plan and build your custom Tiny Home from concept to living.

We will begin with a blank paper and start designing your home from scratch. By understanding  your most important needs and desires, we will make this the best home in which you have ever lived. Each custom project is different and will have to be a negotiated contract to design and to meet your goals.




This Tiny Home model comes in three sizes and three roof options. The Lassen can sleep up to 6 people.  With options for two lofts and a convertible living space, this is a family friendly design. The Lassen features a spacious galley kitchen in the center of the home and ability to include a full bathtub. This tiny home has lots of storage!


Choose your size




Lassen 20 ft copy.jpg

Twenty Foot

Lassen 24 ft copy.jpg

Twenty Four Foot

Lassen 28 ft copy.jpg

Twenty Eight Foot


This model places the kitchen at the front of the home and the bathroom at the rear. The living area is in the center. Can sleep up to 6 with converted living area for additional sleeping. Three roof and siding options, or custom design as well.


Choose your size



Mammoth 28 ft copy.jpg

Twenty Eight Foot

Mammoth 32 ft copy.jpg

Thirty Two Foot



Where are you located?

We are located in Davis California, however because our houses are built on wheels we are more than happy to ship our homes to anywhere in the continental US. Prices will vary based on distance and time with an average of $2.50 per mile.


How much does a tiny home cost?

We strive to make your home according to your needs which can affect the overall cost however we estimate $4000 to $5000 per lineal foot with the high-quality materials and appliances included.


How long does build time take for a tiny home?

In general a tiny home will take 8- 12 weeks depending on lead times.


How long does design for a tiny home take?

For a fully customized tiny home where we start from square one with the client the design phase can take anywhere from 4 weeks to a year. We work closely with you to make the tiny home to fit your personal lifestyle.

For customizations to our plans design times can range from 4-6 weeks, as we will go over all aspects of your home to ensure it fulfills all your desired features.


How heavy is a tiny home and what should I use to tow it?

Tiny homes range anywhere from 8000 to upwards of 21000 pounds. The weight will vary on size and customizations. We would not recommend any less that a 1-ton pickup with good towing ability.


Where can I park my tiny home?

While ideally owning or purchasing your own land would be the best solution, we understand that is not always possible. We do provide RV certification which allows you to park in most RV parks and tiny home communities which have been increasing in number all over the country. There are also many groups online that people post about rentable land.


What is Included

All models include but not limited to the following:


Trailer- Trailer Made Custom Trailers

Framing- Wood frame construction

Windows- White Vinyl JeldWen windows

Cabinets- Custom cabinets by Case1 Cabinets

Siding- By design

Roofing- Standing seam metal roofing or TPO option.

HVAC- Pioneer® 9,000 BTU 19 SEER 115V Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump System

Gas- Propane

Toilet -Separett Villa 9215 composting toilet

Refrigerator – 24”,11.6 cubic feet GE

Range – 24” four burner GE propane range

Insulation – Open cell foam in walls r15 and ceiling r21. Rigid foam in floor r19.5

Shower – Fiberglass OVE shower pan and glass door for corner install.

Tub – 60”

Interior wall finish- Tongue and groove pine in clear, knotty, blue stained or paint grade can be used for finished interior walls.


Pricing for tiny’s are averaging $4,000 to $5,000 per lineal foot. Because we build custom or modified tiny homes, we will have to work through your specific design requirements to determine an exact price for your home.


All of our tiny homes are highly customizable and we encourage the inclusion of personal touches added to the models.

What's Included
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